Friday, July 5, 2013

On your mark, get set, go!

Everyone always focuses on the finish line, the ending, the finale. To me, the starting line is just as important if not more. Today I stepped over the starting line. Today was Day 1 of the IVF. After several appointments this week, my levels were ready and a cyst that had appeared while on the Lupron disappeared! The egg retrieval will be somewhere between July 15-19th, depending on when I am ready. In the meantime I will go almost daily for ultrasounds and bloodwork before work to monitor my progress.

Today was the first day, the first step in getting my body ready for this amazing procedure that will take place. After getting sent home with a large box of all the medicine Wednesday, I was feeling a bit uneasy. I felt like a racer who hadn't trained hard enough. All the confidence I had built up prior to today slipped away as I peered into this large box of medicine. Luckily my sister, who is a nurse, was able to come over and help me prep the syringes and literally stood beside me as I injected all 3 medications. Having her stand next to me reminded that I have "trained" enough for this race, and I am laced up and ready to cross that finish line. So here we go, racers take your marks.......