Sunday, September 1, 2013

The WAIT begins...

I was drawing a blank as to what to continue posting because as my last blog stated; the WEIGHT is over but now the WAIT begins. My baby building plans are on hiatus as step one is complete. I thought the hard part was over for us but it turns out waiting is just as hard. "The longer you wait for something, the more you will appreciate it when you get it. Because anything worth having is definitely worth waiting for." I appreciate having the time to focus on Lou and I now, to continue to strengthen our relationship and to enjoy each other's company without the overlying stress of IVF and baby building discussions. I appreciate being able to concentrate and enjoy wedding planning and being a bride. Through all of this, I have almost forgotten to enjoy the now. We have been so busy and excited with our plans to be parents that we almost forgot to enjoy what we are now, two people in love who will soon be husband and wife. (223 more days to be exact!) I appreciate being able to bask in the moments that surround me now and know that until I am a Mom, I  can enjoy what I am. I am a soon to be wife, a sister, a friend, and I am more than okay with all of those titles :)
 After speaking with a friend, she told me to write what's going on in my life now, although it is not "baby building" it is all part of the experience. To my future child, everything I do, I do for you. This blog is for you too, to be able to get a baby book like no other. To read and see exactly how you got here and badly you were wanted and how much you are loved. So until the wait is over and you are here, I'll write. I'll write for you <3


  1. Enjoy every day as the treasure that is presented you, and all roads will lead to your ultimate destination.

    Sounds a little cliche, I know, but oh so true.

  2. I look forward to all that you have to say Colleen! :D

  3. It is wonderful when you can enjoy all aspects of your journey. Enjoy!

  4. I always believe working on yourself is an important part of getting ready to be a parent. The type of mother you are depends on the type of person you are. It sounds like you're going to have a very strong start.